Sprinkler Blowouts in Clearwater

CLS Landscape Services, LLC is Clearwater’s premier provider of sprinkler blowout services. We’ve earned a stellar reputation for the quality of our work, the speed of our service, and the value of our prices. We give your sprinklers the blowout they need to perform their best and stay safe during the winter—all while delivering fast and friendly service. For the contractor you can count on, consider us the company to call.

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Complete Sprinkler Blowouts

Enjoy a like-new sprinkler system with our blowout services. Over time, we’ve developed a comprehensive blowout process that gives your sprinklers a complete clean-out. We put your sprinklers through a rigorous rubdown, blowing all moisture out so that they don’t freeze over, and ensuring no dirt or particles can work their way in. Once we’ve finished, your sprinklers will be ready for anything—and perform like brand-new. For anyone looking to save money on replacement in the long term, our services are the way to go.

Fast. Simple. Convenient.

We make sprinkler blowouts simple, straightforward, and convenient. We know you’re busy. We don’t want to clutter up your day. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling and prompt service: so you can get the service you need, when you need it. Don’t worry about us getting in the way of your busy schedule: We’ll be in and out before you know it.

We’ll work around your schedule so that we can serve you at your earliest convenience. We keep a tidy workspace, and we treat each customer with the care and respect they deserve. Once done, we always clean up after ourselves so that you don’t have to. All we’ll leave you with is a good-working sprinkler system, all ready to go for the next sprinkling season.

Prepare Your Sprinkler System for Winter

You need to clean your sprinkler system out every fall. You want to rid them of all traces of moisture because when colder temperatures hit, that moisture can freeze, expand, and cause permanent damage to your water lines.

At CLS Landscape Services, LLC, we follow a comprehensive inspection process to ensure no moisture is present in your sprinkler system. We’ll check to make sure it is clean, pristine, and ready for the winter. That way, you can turn it on in the spring with no problems, no stress. Spare yourself the headache of repairs, as well as the cost. Hire us to clean out your sprinkler system.

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We know we are your best bet for local sprinkler blowout services. Our team is professional, our services convenient, and our prices affordable. Choose us, and you’ll be reaping the rewards of a better-working sprinkler system in no time.

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